Blasts From The Past at the Texas Toy Museum

Blasts From The Past at the Texas Toy Museum - pic by Paul D. on Yelp

Adulting got you down? Then it’s time to enjoy some blasts from the past at the Texas Toy Museum. Your enviable address at Alexan Springdale puts you near top-tier attractions, dining, and shopping. So not only can you enjoy premium features but the best Austin has to offer. Recapture the joy of timeless treasures and playtimes gone by your first weekend at Alexan Springdale, then enjoy some grown-up relaxation when you get home.

The Texas Toy Museum in Austin

Texas has a rich history, filled with museums around historical events, fine arts, and almost whatever you can think of. So why not take a break from traditional museums and pop into the Texas Toy Museum? It’s one of the first of its kind to feature vintage toys, video game consoles, and other trinkets from our past play times. Best of all, it’s only seven miles away from our luxury apartments, so you can drive to their front doors in just a quarter of an hour. What could be better? How about a vintage arcade and local brews? 

Toys From Every Decade

The Texas Toy Museum currently contains dozens of toys from around the country, ranging from full-sized action figure sets and dolls to kid’s meal creations and novelty items. There are also dozens of iconic faces that you can find, such as He-Man, Batman, the Simpsons, Barbie, and Star Wars. No matter what generation you grew up in, you’ll find plenty of trips down memory lane. Pac-Man anyone?

Play Along with the Displays

These exhibits are not just for gazing; after all, what’s the point of toys if you can’t play with them? The museum has several interactive exhibitions, particularly in the video game and arcade section, so you can replay some of your nostalgic favorites and go for a high score. Fun like you never imagined is waiting for you.

Enjoy plenty of blasts from the past at the Texas Toy Museum, just one of the eclectic attractions you can enjoy when you live at Alexan Springdale. Immediate move-ins are available!