Kitty Cohen’s near Alexan Springdale

The most delicious frose - Kitty Cohen's near Alexan Springdale -pic by Diane T. on Yelp

Austin is famous for laid-back vibes and lots of fun, and your desirable address provides both. Toast your move with eclectic cocktails at Kitty Cohen’s near Alexan Springdale. Not only can you discover a funky new place for summer cocktails, but you can do it all close to home. Dive into the deep end of an upscale lifestyle and go wherever adventure takes you.

Kitty Cohen’s 

Make a splash at Kitty Cohen’s with your favorite cocktail. Kitty’s is something between a cocktail garden with a pool or a pool with a bar. Whichever it favors on your next visit, you will love the 70’s poolside vibe whether you go for a dip or not. Nearby food trucks complement their fresh drinks menu, perfect on hot Austin afternoons and cool evenings.

Cocktail Garden

Bethany A. shares“I wasn’t sure what to expect from Kitty Cohen’s, but it turned out to be a pleasant surprise! It’s a cute spot with a front and back patio and lots of seating for parties of 4. Lots of awesome-sounding drink options. I settled on the Strawberry Feels, and it was so good! The perfect amount of sweet and fruity. Overall, I’m happy with my experience at Kitty Cohen’s. I’ll definitely go back to taste test more of their cocktails, and people watch! If you’re on the fence like I was, I’d say give Kitty Cohen’s a chance!”

Cool Vibes near Alexan Springdale

What will you discover in your new neighborhood during your first week at Alexan Springdale? There is plenty to discover and share with your friends. You can start making your go-to list for eats, drinks, and social fun as soon as you finish moving in at Alexan Springdale. You belong here.

Make a toast at Kitty Cohen’s near Alexan Springdale and celebrate your move into a better life. Schedule your tour today and make your move.